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somebody please go find andrew lloyd webber and ask him if he’s okay

i had bathing beauty stuck in my head for my entire shift today

lovely day for a train ride!!







Modern day Phantom of Manhattan AU where Erik is a Times Square Elmo

i’ve already reblogged this but i had more ideas for crazy modern day times square AUs.

Christine is one of the Chicago red tights girls and Erik uses his phantomy ways to get her into the actual show, replacing the star-of-the-week as Roxy.

Can Raoul be the naked cowboy?

Then who is the guy trying to get you to see stand up comedy?

That’s Andre

Carlotta is the person trying to get you and pressuring you to buy her homemade rap cd

trying something a little different with colouring? (ALSO FYI I know I post a lot of wips; sorry! my tag is wipspam when I go on art binges. it just helps me keep track of progress and stuff ;v; feel free to blacklist if it ever gets too much!)



Hey everybody! I made a really sucky horrible pathetic short piece of pencil animation. I’ve never made anything like this before and I haven’t really got any idea of what I’m doing, so bear with me please and try not laugh too hard.

Since everybody’s been doing Phantom animations I thought I’d bring this back



god bless

there’s like 3 mini scenes and dear GOD is christine ever a disaster, she has so much hAIR

I’ve never really done full character animation (excluding walk cycles) so I wanted to practice. THROUGH THE MIRROR WE GO

(this has no timing, at all, whatsoever, but it will be much slower. also, no mouth in case I decide to attempt a lip sync x_x)


Hiccup cosplay, from how to train your dragon two.