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Some sketches of Leroux-Christine, featuring her in everyday dress, as Sibel in Faust and in the wedding dress.



i opened ps (unGODLY ABOMINATION) for the second time in my life and doodled some spoopy-creppy phantoms (i’m striving to give the guy an ‘aaAGH SWEET MOTHER OF GOD WHAT THE HELL HAD NATURE DONE TO YA MATE??’ type of deformity) so here we are

+ accidental evil scientists AU


in my mild panic i did not notice that the article was dated 2009 thanK GOD

because kara’s galinda is just too adorable to be real

look at the cute shirt I got on Friday when I went to see Wicked c:

bad characters struggling to be good!! bad characters struggling to be good and live up to the faith that others put in them!!!!


"A song in a dream:

I’ve danced in these streets before

But the song is dead.”

Class assignment for Sequential art where we were supposed to make a haiku and then create a 2-page comic for it. I did a really quick haiku and then ended up basing it on one of my worst fears.

Oh awesome!! photography is so wonderful!! my school has so many different art programs as well and it’s just such a great environment to be immersed in. being surrounded by so many different creative minds and talents is the most inspiring thing!

I really hope the administration gets their butts in gear! :c I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

yeah for sure!! my school does a lot of animal drawing; we’re lucky to be by a big zoo and a world fair so there are yearly field trips and a bunch of scattered ones throughout the year. we’re going to a farm to draw horses next week and I’m excited! what are you going to school for? :0

when I started school it was with the intention of drawing comics and while I’d still love to do that I’ve been really considering feature animation lately o(-